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Unlock the Power of GST Data with Signzy’s API

Remember the pre-GST era, when securing a business loan felt like scaling Mount Everest – arduous, paper-laden, and often ending in disappointment? Thankfully, those days are gone. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) revolutionized not just tax compliance, but also unveiled a new frontier of faster, more accessible business financing through the power of GST data.

And here’s where Signzy’s game-changing API comes in.

Think of it as your digital sherpa, guiding you effortlessly through the GST data landscape and extracting valuable insights for seamless loan approvals. No more mountains of paperwork, no more endless calculations – just real-time access to a borrower’s financial health with their consent through their GST returns.

Signzy’s API empowers you to:

  • Automate Loan Assessment: Ditch the paper chase and embrace automation. Access and analyze GST data instantly, eliminating manual crunching of numbers and subjective interpretations. Loan approvals become faster, simpler, and more data-driven.
  • Unlock Faster Financing: Say goodbye to lengthy loan waiting periods. The real-time insights extracted from GST data allow for expedite loan approvals, ensuring you get the capital you need when you need it most.
  • Unleash Trade Financing for MSMEs: The detailed trail of transactions in GST returns becomes your passport to trade financing. Smaller businesses can now secure loans against invoices, opening up new avenues for growth and expansion.
  • Reduce Costs and Streamline Operations: Minimize paperwork and operational overhead with Signzy’s API. This translates to lower costs for both lenders and borrowers, fostering a healthier and more efficient lending ecosystem.
  • Offer Personalized Loan Solutions: Gaining a deeper understanding of a borrower’s financial profile through GST data allows you to create customized loan offers with competitive interest rates tailored to their specific needs.

Beyond Speed: Empowering Loan Management & Risk Analysis

The benefits of Signzy’s API extend far beyond loan origination. Here’s how it equips loan managers and risk analysts with powerful tools:

  • Accelerate Loan Approvals: The GST Compliance Score, a real-time indicator of a taxpayer’s compliance record provided by Signzy’s API, becomes your secret weapon for lightning-fast loan approvals.
  • Proactively Manage Risk: Monitor portfolio health effectively with the score acting as an early warning signal for potential NPAs. Identify potential risks at every stage of the loan lifecycle and take proactive measures to mitigate them.
  • Gain Deeper Insights: Go beyond the Compliance Score. Signzy’s API unlocks a wealth of other GST data points like sales, purchases, and supplier relationships, giving you a multi-dimensional view of a business’s financial health and operational dynamics. This empowers you to make informed lending decisions and optimize risk management strategies.

Challenges & the Path Forward

Data security and potential misuse remain legitimate concerns. Signzy prioritizes data security with robust encryption protocols and secure data handling practices, fostering trust and transparency. Additionally, relying solely on GST data might disadvantage smaller businesses struggling with initial compliance. A balanced approach, considering other factors alongside GST data, ensures responsible lending and avoids skewing the playing field.

The Future of Lending is GST-Powered

The GST system has emerged as a game-changer for business financing. By leveraging Signzy’s API, you can tap into this vast data reservoir and streamline your loan application process, access faster financing, and gain valuable insights for robust risk management. 

Conquer the GST Loan Frontier with Signzy

While data security remains a valid concern, Signzy prioritizes user trust with robust encryption protocols and secure data handling practices. Additionally, Signzy advocates for a balanced approach that considers other factors alongside GST data to ensure responsible lending and avoid skewing the playing field.

Don’t let pre-GST loan anxieties hold you back. Embrace the GST data revolution with Signzy’s API as your guide. Experience faster approvals, deeper insights, and a smoother loan journey for your business.

About Signzy

Signzy is a market-leading platform redefining the speed, accuracy, and experience of how financial institutions are onboarding customers and businesses – using the digital medium. The company’s award-winning no-code GO platform delivers seamless, end-to-end, and multi-channel onboarding journeys while offering customizable workflows. In addition, it gives these players access to an aggregated marketplace of 240+ bespoke APIs, easily added to any workflow with simple widgets.

Signzy is enabling ten million+ end customer and business onboarding every month at a success rate of 99% while reducing the speed to market from 6 months to 3-4 weeks. It works with over 240+ FIs globally, including the 4 largest banks in India, a Top 3 acquiring Bank in the US, and has a robust global partnership with Mastercard and Microsoft. The company’s product team is based out of Bengaluru and has a strong presence in Mumbai, New York, and Dubai.

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