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Online Identity Verification

Onboard today with tomorrow's technology.

Enabling global companies to build trusted users while maintaining the regulatory compliances worldwide.

Trusted by 500+ global businesses

(Includes 10+ Fortune 30 companies)

Seamlessly Onboard Global Users

Stay globally

Our digital onboarding solution is globally compliant and can be used in over 240+ countries.

Keep up with legal compliance.

Stay compliant to KYC, KYB, AML and other requirements for various geographies.

Optimize your user experience.

Streamline the onboarding experience unique for your digital products.

User Onboarding Challenges & Signzy’s Solution

Pioneering Patents

Innovation at scale

Digital Onboarding in the Metaverse

Signzy has a patent for real-time customer onboarding in the Metaverse for financial institutions.

Video Based Fraud Detection Techniques

Signzy has been granted a patent for AI powered Fraudulent Behaviour Detection (FBD) technology, which can predict in real-time the likelihood of fraudulent behaviour by individuals.



Signzy is ISO 27001 Certified & SOC 2 Compliant.

Signzy uses 256 BIT SSL Encryption

Industry standard practices for Product & Infrastructure Security

24*7 Security Incident & Event Monitoring

Data localization/Data Residency

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