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Enhancing Online Payment Verification System

Enhancing Online Payment Verification System

Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Payments via Streamlined Merchant Onboarding Solutions

Digitization in the payments sector has experienced rapid growth in recent years. In light of these developments, Signzy aims to further streamline and secure digital payment processes, contribute to technological advancements, and enhance customer experiences.

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Enhancing Online Payment Verification System

Initiatives Across the Payment Ecosystem

Merchant Onboarding

Signzy is a pioneer & market leader in India for DIY low code merchant onboarding solution where any PSP/PF/ Marketplace can start onboarding merchants in less than a weeks time. All the major FI’s use our onboarding solution like Axis Bank, SBI, Pine Labs, etc. We also help companies like Pine labs, Mswipe, Bharatpe etc, to integrate our merchant onboarding API’s like AML CFT, PAN to GST, Bank account verification, PAN verification, Digilocker etc to build intelligent flows on their own.

We support merchant onboarding solutions in all the major regions like APAC, EU, MENA, US, Canada and central American region, having a diverse set of API and managing regulations across multiple regions.

Cards Issuance

Signzy expedites your market launch for card-related products, including Personal Credit Cards, Corporate Credit Cards, and Prepaid Instruments (encompassing Open, Closed, and Semi-Closed Wallet Systems). Our profound integration with Financial Institutions and other key players in the financial ecosystem ensures a seamless and efficient market entry, perfectly aligning with your strategic objectives.

Transaction Monitoring

We are presently engaged in the development of an automated transaction monitoring model that will scrutinize transactions across various IPs, channels, and geographies. This comprehensive system will be rule-based, allowing for personalized parameters to be set based on factors such as transaction amount, frequency, Merchant Category Code (MCC), and built-in customer risk profiles.

The system will be supported by an automated back-office engine, designed to grant access to your internal compliance or operational teams. Additionally, it offers the capability to construct an automated review mechanism in line with risk scores, facilitating a seamless and efficient approach to managing and mitigating transaction risks.

How Signzy benefits the Payment Sector?

Aadhaar E-Sign API
Lower Cost of Acquisition

Signzy optimizes the payment sector by significantly reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Reduction in TAT
Reduction in TAT

Signzy’s solutions slash Turnaround Time by 73%, accelerating operational processes.

Business Efficiency
Increase in Business Efficiency

Signzy’s integrative approach triples (3X) business efficiency in the payment sector.

Stops Fraudsters
Reduction in Digital Fraud

Signzy’s advanced systems mitigate digital fraud risks by 90%, bolstering security.

Compliance with Regulations
Compliant with Regulations

Signzy ensures full compliance with all regulations, promoting a secure and legal payments environment.

Return Over Investment

Signzy delivers a tenfold return on investment, demonstrating substantial economic benefit in the payment sector.

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