Healthcare Industry And Digital Onboarding- Top 3 Tips On Onboarding Doctors

The global digital health market size exceeded USD 195 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 16% by 2030. The market will expand as demand for remote patient monitoring services increases. This must put a smile on your face if you are advocating an enterprise in the digital healthcare industry. But there are particular concerns that you need to keep in mind and address.

You are eager for your patients to meet the ideal doctor who has joined your team. However, before that can happen, they must be incorporated into your organization; this is where many healthcare industry businesses falter. Manual transfers between internal and external departments, problems with credentials, and physician engagement are typical obstacles to physician onboarding. In addition, delays in physician onboarding can result in weekly revenue losses of up to $100K, and bad onboarding has been linked to higher employee attrition.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, when you factor in the expenditure of recruiting, onboarding, and yet another vacancy and hiring situation, the total cost of hiring a physician who doesn’t fit and then quits can easily approach $1 million. Effective onboarding may support your retention efforts and boost productivity, performance, and morale. It’s essential in the current market, devastated by the pandemic, as the United States could have a physician shortage of up to 124,000 primary care and specialty doctors by 2034. Delivering a superior onboarding experience is your secret weapon in the battle for medical talent, especially given that just one in three doctors claim to have had formal onboarding.

Fortunately, these following 3 tips will help you significantly enhance the physician onboarding experience for the doctors in your organization.

1. Automate Onboarding In The Healthcare Industry

The process of onboarding doctors can be laborious and challenging. The physician onboarding process is made simpler for everyone involved with automated workflows. It promotes process transparency and eliminates the chance of human error in manual involvement. As recommended, every workflow and trigger should be incorporated into the automated process. This will make it possible for everyone, regardless of department or whether they are internal or external, to participate in the onboarding strategy. In addition, physicians are prompted along the route with advice on what to do thanks to automated digital onboarding.

This gives your healthcare industry personnel the ability to consistently deliver an excellent, standardized digital onboarding experience and knows exactly where a physician is at any time along the process. It is especially crucial during the drawn-out and critical credentialing procedure since the tracking capability and precision minimize the guesswork and unpredictability of the human method.

2. Provide A Mobile-Device Digital Onboarding Experience  

Simplify the holistic employee experience for your physicians and team by delivering a beautiful user experience and enabling them to access their onboarding information and prompts on their chosen mobile device. Never let them fret about what comes next or wonder whether they missed a step.

3. Engage All Your Physicians

Regardless of tenure, properly onboarding your physicians helps them feel more connected to your healthcare industry enterprise and gives them the tools they need to provide the most excellent care for your patients. Efficacious employee engagement strategies include:

  • Preboarding
    Follow up with a kind email, letter, or welcome-to-the-team gift box between the offer letter and the first day. Before they even arrive on the first day, give them the impression that they are a valuable and significant part of the company.
  • The first week
    Put your attention on making them feel at ease. Introduce them to the teams they will be working with, host a team lunch, and pair them with a mentor or friend. These social connections play a significant role in forging a relationship with your company.
  • Opportunities for an ongoing engagement
    Promote honest dialogue and foster inquiry. To stay in touch, host an internal focus group or send email surveys.

We advise internal discussion of your engagement strategy and creating an engagement program consistent with your company’s goals and values. For example, you want it to seem powerful and authentic instead of some generic engagement program. In addition, by standardizing the procedure and incorporating the phases into your automated workflow, you can ensure that each physician receives the same level of attention to engagement through digital onboarding.

How Can We Help With Onboarding In The Healthcare Industry?

You can chat with our team of specialists in employee experience. We’re available and prepared to assist you with automating the onboarding procedure so that your new hires are pleased. We’re only a click away when you’re ready for your physician digital onboarding plan to put people first and let the process take care of itself.

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