Signzy’s All-New Quiver Of Premium Products!

Signzy’s All-New Quiver Of Premium Products!: With the raging transformations in technology and norms, newer options are set to dominate and revolutionize onboarding. If we don’t keep ourselves ahead of the curve, we might just fall behind in the fast-paced financial industry. Let Signzy help you.

With the numerous modernizations, it is hard for individual enterprises to do this. That’s why it’s always good to seek help from professionals and use proven resources for your business. Signzy brings you the best of both those worlds.

We at Signzy help you keep up with the Joneses by building a global digital trust system to upgrade the current modes in financial technology. While we pursue our endeavour we focus on the ability to uniquely identify and authenticate entities while understanding and knowing more background information about these entities. We create a system of reward and consequences that reinforces trust to help this.

We would love to help you help your business! That’s why we ensure to keep all our products updated to the standard of the future. With our upgraded products, it’s sure that you will find what you seek at Signzy. Some of the major products we offer are included in this blog post.

Signzy’s Generic Onboarding Solution

Every financial enterprise requires an efficient, seamless and safe onboarding solution. This solution must be adaptable to changing technology while maintaining an excellent level of industry-standard safety.

Signzy’s out-of-the-box Generic Onboarding Solution, with an AI-based Rule Engine allows clients to create, update, implement and maintain end-to-end digital onboarding journeys across jurisdictions and business functions. We do this with the maximum assurance of safety and security.

Some of our new features include:

  • Added security layers to verify that the connections are secure
  • Extensive search options for back-office processing
  • A customizable sequence of questions during VCIP calls
  •  The Decision Engine now takes additional final application decisions based on output variables from VCIP increasing straight-through processing rates
  • Every contract is accompanied by an auto-generated audit certificate for compliance and record-keeping purposes

Apart from the above features we went the extra mile and improved our products for you. The improved aspects are::

  • Improved user experience for customers including the inclusion of ‘Configurable Text Areas’ to improve user experience and better tracking information on emails being sent to the customer
  • Additional information to customers on errors – especially in Bank Account Verification
  • Improved back-office operations experience
    • Role-based reassignment of application in back-op
    • Application-level TAT
    • Additional granularity on the information fetched vs inputs from the user
    • Making remarks and reasons mandatory for better analysis later
  • Better security measures
    • Multi-factor authentication for users
  • Improved MIS 
    • One column of MIS can possess multiple page IDs
    • Additional details including TAT captured in MIS for application-level tracking

Some new widgets and APIs were also added to GO. This betters the overall user experience while improving the versatility of the product. They include an SSN Validation API which is now available for US clients and the addition of Generic Delete API. Using the latter, it can be configured that applications belonging to a particular status can be deleted automatically after a set timeframe.

Signzy’s Plethora of APIs to Smoothen Processes!

We have a collection of APIs that will help you in your venture. Though we have many, a few of the latest include:

  • New Voter ID API
  • NeSL APIs
  • E-Stamping
  • Udyam(MSME) Verification
  • Vehicle Blocklist and E-Challan Status
  • …And a complete revamp of our Global KYC APIs

We have also improved upon some of the many APIs already available. Certain of these improvements include the new Name Match API, Aadhar E-Sign API, and an improved Digilocker experience API

Surely, we will not be halting with just these APIs. That’s why we also have more APIs coming your way to improving your venture. These include the E-Nach API, Credit Reports API and the Physical Address verification API.

Signzy’s Video KYC Solution!

Signzy’s All-New Quiver Of Premium Products!: With the new RBI Master Directive, it is inevitable to include the use of Video KYC in any financial onboarding. A good solution will not only help stick to guidelines but dramatically improve customer satisfaction. 

Signzy can revolutionize your customer onboarding process and increase the speed to market by 5x. We do it with our enhanced VCIP product- Signzy’s Video KYC Solution!

Latest feature additions include:

  • Real-time feedback– can address the real-time issues that occur during the call The RE agent gets notified if the end-user is distracted between call
  • “Uberised” Queues – A better experience for users in the queue, at the same time blocking those ineligible (like location issues)
  • Detailed MIS reports- are generated and presented. Real-time data regarding RE agent efficiency and queued data are provided
  • UI Improvements- Multiple improvements have been created to improve the experience

Upcoming releases and Improvements: Signzy’s All-New Quiver Of Premium Products!

In addition to the previously mentioned improvements, we are working on a lot more for you. These new features will come to your doorstep in the not too distant future. Below are a few of them to give you an idea:

  • Skills-based auto-assigning agents to the users
  • MIS reports with detailed analysis of all the video calls, agents’ productivity, call improvement etc.
  • Conditional rendering of options in real-time feedback for agents
  • Rescheduling the call to be made configurable
  • Configurable option to automatically set the offline/online status of RE agent
  • Revamping the rescheduling system to a better version.


In order to keep up with the newer norms and trends, institutions and companies are forced to adapt to new technology. As it becomes mandatory to accept the change, why not use it to your advantage? Why not understand what is needed and make it far better?

This is exactly what Signzy will do for you. With the numerous products, resources and services we provide, we can certainly make your business smoother and easier than ever before. The right direction with the right people will lead us all further to our goals. 

About Signzy

Signzy is a market-leading platform redefining the speed, accuracy, and experience of how financial institutions are onboarding customers and businesses – using the digital medium. The company’s award-winning no-code GO platform delivers seamless, end-to-end, and multi-channel onboarding journeys while offering customizable workflows. In addition, it gives these players access to an aggregated marketplace of 240+ bespoke APIs that can be easily added to any workflow with simple widgets.

Signzy is enabling ten million+ end customer and business onboarding every month at a success rate of 99% while reducing the speed to market from 6 months to 3-4 weeks. It works with over 240+ FIs globally, including the 4 largest banks in India, a Top 3 acquiring Bank in the US, and has a robust global partnership with Mastercard and Microsoft. The company’s product team is based out of Bengaluru and has a strong presence in Mumbai, New York, and Dubai.

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