Bowling Out Fraudsters With Blockchain- How To Prevent Unauthorized Financial Transactions

Within the first 2 months since the onset of the unexpected pandemic in 2020, attempted unauthorized and fraudulent transactions increased by 35%. If the trend continues frauds due to unauthorized transactions are expected to reach a global high of $40 billion by 2027.

A transaction that was not authorized or permitted by the holder of the concerned account or money is called an unauthorized transaction. It occurs in most transactional and credit card frauds. Governments and financial institutions across the globe are struggling to stop such activities.

How Do Unauthorized Financial Transactions Occur

In the past, most cases of unauthorized transactions occurred as a result of credit card theft. But in more recent years, the majority of unauthorized and fraudulent transactions occur through online portals after the user’s data is stolen through means such as phishing or hacking.

This can happen while the customer or user is providing zis information to a service provider or government portal. The stolen information may lay dormant for weeks or months before the fraudster uses it for an unauthorized transaction.

How Does It Impact The Financial Industry?

Unauthorized transactions are mostly associated with money transfer fraud and credit card fraud. An average of 35% of American consumers fall victim to credit card fraud according to a study from The Ascent. 

The issue with this is not just in terms of the financial losses incurred to users and institutions, but also the leak of crucial and private data. The years between 2005 and 2019 saw over 1.6 billion records compromised. By 2020, this resulted in more than $42 billion in losses world wide.This is statistically dangerous for safe transactions and the fraudsters took opportunity during the global pandemic.

It seems that the trend is not decelerating any time soon as is evident from the 161% increase in credit card frauds last year alone. Unless the concerned authorities and consumers take action, the danger lingers. The solution might be more bizarre, yet efficient than we presume.

How Blockchain Technology Proffers The Solution To Unauthorized Financial Transaction

Blockchains are growing lists of records that are linked through cryptography. These records are called blocks and contain a timestamp, transaction data and a cryptographic hash that helps map the data. They are mostly used in cryptocurrencies and their transactions but can be used for other financial interactions as well.

Blockchain is considered secure and tamper-proof while pertaining to digital records. It is a complete and unchanging record of transfers. If blockchain can underpin a payments processing service, it could trace the whole sequence of previous wire transfers. 

However, most governments and authorities want a trail of funds to stop money laundering, which is impossible in the blockchain. The whole purpose of blockchain is decentralization and officials demand the source of funds to charge taxes and run governments.

We are experiencing an innovative renaissance in technology. It is only wise to adapt to the changing world. Conclusively, it is not merely blockchain that can help improve financial services, but the numerous options available in technology. But how do we find a good resource provider?

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