Employment Verification- Why It’s Primal For Lending?

The 2021 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report states that almost 30% of all financial fraud complaints in the US involved identity theft. This represents a 50% increase from 2020. Among these, loan application fraud was one of the primary sources of complaints, and the identity of the fraudulent buyers and borrowers were usually fake or stolen.

Conventionally, the loaning process for housing has been tedious for both the lender and the applicant. Now add a bit of high fraudulence risk into the mix, and voila, you have the recipe for a potential disaster, a disaster that needs to be avoided. That’s why when the loan application process begins, there is hectic paperwork and back and forth with your lender. The whole deal of underwriting is an intense procedure and includes methods for everyone involved.

One major step in the underwriting process is efficient employment verification. The lender needs to do their due diligence and validate that you are and have been employed to ensure they’re considering all of the user’s income sources. This confirms that the potential borrower can cover their down payment, closing costs, and monthly repayment.

Why is employment verification necessary in lending?

While it seems like just another box to check in the lending process, lenders must verify your employment and all income information to confirm your capability to make your monthly mortgage payment and reduce their risk of giving you the money.

How do mortgage lenders verify their borrowers?

Mortgage lenders verify employment by contacting the concerned borrower’s employer directly. First, they review the borrower’s recent income documentation. These can include an employment verification letter and a recent pay stub. Sometimes it can also have something else that proves an employment history and verifies the income.

Employee verification can take days to weeks if your lender works off of physical forms. However, the process could take mere hours if you work with a lender who requests payroll access for any underwriting.

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When is the employment verification process done for mortgages?

Some lenders verify employment multiple times during the mortgage process:

  • 1)Pre-approval

Working with a lender before you have your dream house picked out in a competitive housing market and learning what kind of mortgage you would qualify for can be a good idea. When you get the preapproval, you may be required to submit information or documents such as bank statements and salary slips to prove your income, the funds you’re using to get the loan, and a credit check.

  • 2)Verifications during the underwriting

Each lender will verify income and employment checks underwriting a mortgage according to their timeline. Generally, it is done anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before your loan is cleared to close. It might be performed again if the timeline to complete was extended to confirm that nothing has altered. 

Experts recommend not making career changes during the underwriting process, finishing another loan payment to avoid impacting your credit score, or getting a new credit card.

To Conclude

Income and employment verifications are a critical part of the home loan process. Still, it can be difficult for those without access to an HR resource to handle the particular paperwork; even when an HR department exists to submit the documentation to lenders, paper forms and conventional PDFs slow down the whole lending process. That’s why the lender’s responsibility is to make the process more convenient and easy.

If you want to make the verification processes easy, then you should avail the services of a good fintech provider. In a world with so many choices, finding the right one is difficult, especially with so many bad options. At Signzy, we ensure that the fintech solution we get you is not manufactured from a blueprint but rather created according to your needs. Our AI-driven API resources help us to customize our way through your problems.

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