Fintech APIs


Signzy’s EPFO API enables us to gather an individual’s EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) details through a simple or detailed search of their establishment code/name, employee name search, or UAN number search based on PAN.

Use Cases of the API

USPs of the API

Swift processing with reduced TAT

No OTP needed

No-code AI-driven process


Highly Efficient

Fetching EPFO details is accurate and efficient as all PF details of the employee can be viewed, including PF account checks

Plug and Play Features

This API is easy to use and integrate with a simple, user-friendly interface

Extract More Than One Data Point

This API can extract multiple PF data points with streamlined PF account checks, including name, salary, age, address, etc

Excellent Accuracy

The EPFO details are cross-checked with the EPFO department for accuracy


What is the EPFO API?

This API helps organizations track the Employee Provident Fund details by searching for the establishment in detail/UAN details/employment history of a person.

What are the details we can acquire?

Salary details of an employee can be verified in addition to all the other information present in the EPFO passbook. UAN checks are also done.

What are the requirements of the API?

Mainly a UAN number is needed, and the mobile to which this UAN number is linked as the OTP will go to this number.

Which industries can use the EPFO API?

Primarily, the lending and banking industries use EPFO information to determine an individual’s financial health. Additionally, it can also be used for underwriting and in other sectors.

How long does the API take?

This API tracks and fetches all the details within a second. Detailed UAN checks require very little time.