Fintech APIs

Digital Contracting API

Signzy’s Digital Contracting API provides a method for signing a contract between two or more parties. Our digitally executed contracts solve the operational efficiency problems of paper contracting with advanced AI technology and robust security layers. Hence you no longer need parties to be present in person or any physical contracts and papers.

Use Cases of the API

USPs of the API

Fully digitized resources

AI-driven decision engine

No coding required


Easy to Use

Signzy’s Digital Contracting API is optimized for the best user experience

Stops Fraudsters

With prime precision, our API will detect fraudsters who try to manipulate the contracting process with fake credentials. We will ensure your safety

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

Our system follows all the regulatory requirements

Paperless and Enhanced UX

Error-free and paperless contracting automation


How will the contract initiator know the completion of the full signing process of the e-contract?

The contract initiator will get the details of the final signed contract in the customer callback URL after everyone involved in the e-signing process completes the signing of the e-contract successfully.

What happens if the contract is deleted?

All the contract URLs are deleted from the Signzy system, irrespective of whether the contract is signed or unsigned, and that contract ID will become invalid.

What is the functionality of Delete Signer?

When a particular signer fails to sign the contract multiple times, then the failure transaction details will be posted into the signer callback URL. Based on the failure transaction details, the contract initiator can delete the particular signer using the delete signer API. Once the e-signer is deleted from the system, its URL will expire. Afterward, an email will be triggered to the next signer to sign the e-contract from their end.

Why is the e-contract status still pending even after all the signers have signed?

This could be due to the following reason :

  • Too many signers and digital signatures are involved, and the generation of an audit trail takes time. Eventually, the e-contract status will be completed.
  • Our server might be down for maintenance at odd times, and the finished contracts are in queue for processing. When it is up, the e-contract status gets updated with all the info.

Does the contracting work asynchronously?

Yes. Multiple parties can sign independently on the same agreement at different times. But this time can be limited. If not required, then the entire process can be synchronized.

What happens if the match fails? Will you terminate the process or ask the signer to start again?

If the match fails, there is an option to delete the e-signer and the digital signature. We can then proceed with the contracting flow with the rest of the signers involved.