PAN Terms & Conditions


This PAN Terms & Conditions (“Product Terms”) is in relation to the PAN verification as Financial Products as per the Marketplace Terms executed between Signzy Technologies Private Limited, a company incorporated under the CompaniesAct 2013, having its corporate office at: Awfis, 8th Floor, One International Center (Tower 1), Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, 400013 (“Signzy”) and me (an individual) / us (a company/ Trust/ LLP/ Partnership/ Sole Proprietorship (“Subscriber”). The Subscriber and Signzy may individually be referred to as “Party” and collectively as “Parties”. The Product Terms hereunder shall be deemed to be a part of the Marketplace Terms and shall be legally valid and enforceable rights/ duties/  obligations of each Party. The following terms and conditions would be applicable on the NSDL PAN API as Financial Product, which the Subscriber has agrees to comply at all times-

  • Appointment
    • By signing this Product Terms, the Subscriber agrees to provide services related to acceptance of PAN applications through its network, the scope and charges of which are provided as part of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which is provided as Annexure1 to this Product Terms.
    • For the provision of said service, the Subscriber shall ensure availability of necessary operational infrastructure at its Centers like hardware, software, personnel, tele-communication facilities, etc. as specified in the SOP provided by Signzy.
    • The Subscriber shall ensure that the Centers of the Subscriber accept PAN applications as per the procedure prescribed in the SOP.
    • Signzy/ the Financial Partner may update the SOP from time to time in view of any new developments/changes in the guidelines by the Income Tax Department (ITD) for acceptance of PAN applications, which shall be notified to the Subscriber. The amendments made in SOP shall be effective from the date specified therein and the Subscriber agrees to adhere to the same.
    • The Subscriber shall abide by the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961 and the operating procedures specified in SOP wherever applicable and comply with orders, directions or notices which may be issued or prescribed by ITD.
    • The Subscriber shall ensure that all the employees, agents (if any), representatives (if any), etc. engaged in the function of PAN Services adhere to all provisions of this Product Terms and the Subscriber shall be solely liable in respect of any contraventions of obligations arising out of the Product Terms/ under any laws and the consequences arising from its breach.
  • Fees and charges
    • As consideration for its appointment under this Product Terms, the Subscriber shall collect & pay such charges as specified in Annexure 2.
    • The Subscriber shall ensure that the payment is made in advance such that advance limit is made available to it for usage of PAN issuance services. The Subscriber will be able to avail services subject to the available advance limit.
    • The fees or charges specified in Annexure 2 may be revised and be applicable from the date mentioned in the revised Annexure 2 and such revised Annexure 2 will be deemed to be an integral part of this Product Terms.
  • Records and Inspection
    • The Subscriber shall allow any person duly authorized by Financial Partner, to enter its premises and the premises of Centers (VLEs), within the regular business hours on any business day to inspect the processes and records related to PAN services.
    • Signzy, its Financial Partner or agencies appointed by them at the cost of Signzy, shall have the right to inspect facilities and records in respect of processes covered in this Product Terms with advance notice to the Subscriber.
  • Confidentiality
    • The Subscriber shall ensure confidentiality of information that comes to its possession consequent to its participation in PAN Services and shall not reveal the same to any agencies or use for purpose other than specified in SOP except with the written permission from Signzy/ its Financial Partner and shall abide by the mutually agreed security policy of Signzy/ its Financial Partner. The Subscriber may provide the above information to any other agency on the basis of a directive by ITD, or on account of the order of any court or tribunal or in accordance with any law in force. However, the Subscriber shall keep Signzy and its Financial Partner informed of such requirement to disclose and the information being disclosed.
    • The Subscriber shall ensure that a similar obligation, as specified hereunder, shall be cast on its employees, agents (if any), Partners, franchisees and representatives (if any), engaged in the PAN Services and hereby agrees that any breach of this obligation by such persons will be treated as a breach by the Subscriber and appropriate measures, as deemed fit by Signzy/ its Financial Partner, will be taken against the Subscriber.To ensure confidentiality of physical & electronic data, the Subscriber shall ensure that access to PAN related documents and computer systems is restricted only to authorized personnel and Partners.
  • Compliance of Information Security Guidelines
    • The Subscriber shall comply with all applicable Laws and Regulations including without limitation The Information Technology Act, 2000 and allied Rules and Regulations in the exercise and performance of its duties and obligations under this Product Terms. The Subscriber shall also ensure compliance with the Information Security Policy of Signzy/ its Financial Partner, as communicated to Subscriber in writing.
  • Termination of Product Terms by Financial Partner
    • This Product Terms may be terminated by Signzy/ its Financial Partner without assigning any reasons by giving prior notice of 30 days in writing.
  • Handover of Information by the Subscriber upon termination
    • On termination of this contract, the Subscriber shall hand over the records related to PAN services (if any) to Signzy, its Financial Partner or authorized person/agency and additional copies of records shall be destroyed.


Annexure 1 – Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for paperless PAN applications

  • Scope of Work
    • PAN Service by Subscriber
      • Assist PAN applicants in furnishing PAN application in paperless mode.
      • Capture certain details of the PAN applicant in application of Financial Partner.
      • Facilitate OTP as well as Biometric authentication for the purpose of e-KYC and eSign;
      • Collect prescribed application fees (alongwith applicable taxes); The amount to be adjusted against the advance balance maintained by the Subscriber with Signzy.
      • Print and issue acknowledgement receipt.
      • No physical documents to be collected and sent to Financial Partner for the Aadhaar e-KYC based paperless PAN applications.
      • Resolution of PAN applications wherein discrepancies are reported by Signzy/ its Financial Partner;
      • Attending to queries/complaints of the PAN applicants
    • Financial Partner
      • Send acknowledgement receipt and digitally signed form containing acknowledgement number at the email ID of the applicant, after successful application.
      • Forwarding data to ITD for allotment of PAN.
      • Send e-PAN at the email ID of the PAN applicant as mentioned in the application.
      • Intimation of discrepancy (if any) shall be informed to the Centre of Subscriber for resolution of PAN applications.
      • Electronic storage of PAN application form and supporting documents.
      • Printing and dispatch of PAN card.
  • Manpower
    • The Subscriber shall provide details of its own/ Partners Centers providing PAN related services to Signzy, in format and frequency required by Signzy.
    • Staff deployed at the Centers of Subscriber for accepting PAN applications should be well versed with the guidelines and procedures published by ITD/ Financial Partner.
    • The Subscriber shall identify and designate a compliance officer who would act as nodal officer for co-ordination with Signzy. The Compliance Officer would be responsible for compliance of the terms and conditions of the Product Terms and the procedures & guidelines communicated by Signzy, its Financial Partner& Income Tax Department (ITD) from time to time.
  • Procedure for acceptance and processing of PAN applications
    • PAN applicants will approach Centre of the Subscriber or online portal of the Subscriber for applying for issuance of PAN;
    • The user at the Centre shall provide Aadhaar Number, Name, Date of Birth and Gender of the applicant and capture the same in the application provided by the Financial Partner. The user will have to convey the consent message and select the consent box only if the PAN applicant accepts & provides consent for the same.
    • On submission of application details, Aadhaar will be verified in PAN Database for any existing PAN. If the PAN already exists against Aadhaar quoted in the application then appropriate rejection message will be displayed to the user. The user shall communicate the error message to the applicant.
    • If the Aadhaar is not linked with any PAN, then demographic authentication will be performed with UIDAI using Name, DOB and Gender. On authentication failure, appropriate error message will be communicated to the user. The user shall communicate the rejection to the applicant.
    • On successful authentication, user will be required to capture other PAN specific details like Father’s Name/Mother’s Name, Flag for source of income and Assessing Officer (AO) Code and latest contact details (Tel. No. / Mobile No. / Email ID).
    • After submission of above details, confirmation screen will appear. The user shall review the details entered and confirm the same.
    • On confirmation, the authentication screen will appear for undertaking e-KYC authentication with option of OTP or Biometric based authentication.
    • OTP Authentication
      • If the user selects OTP authentication then OTP will be generated and sent to the PAN applicant at his/her Mobile No. and Email ID registered with Aadhaar in UIDAI Database.
      • The user will get OTP captured in the application through the applicant and submit the same for authentication.
      • On successful authentication, the user will be navigated to the eSign Portal for undertaking one more authentication for the purpose of e-Sign.
    • Biometric Authentication
      • If the user selects option of Biometric authentication then the user will be required to capture finger print of the PAN applicant using STQC registered biometric devices and submit the same.
      • On successful authentication, the user will be navigated to the eSign Portal for undertaking one more authentication for the purpose of e-Sign.
    • Authentication at e-Sign Portal
      • On successful authentication, the user will be navigated to the e-Sign Portal for undertaking one more authentication for the purpose of e-Sign.
      • The user will be once again required to capture Aadhaar on the e-Sign Portal (as per requirement of Comptroller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Govt. of India).
      • The user will get option of OTP or Biometric authentication as mentioned above. The authentication shall be performed as per clause 1.1.8 and 1.1.9.
      • On successful authentication, the application shall be signed digitally and acknowledgement receipt will get generated.
    • On successful application, the application fees will get debited from the advance balance maintained by the Subscriber.
    • The front office user shall collect the prescribed fee (alongwith applicable GST) from the applicant and issue acknowledgement receipt to the applicant.
    • No physical documents shall be required to be collected and sent to Signzy/ its Financial Partner for the Aadhaar e-KYC based paperless PAN applications.
    • On successful submission of application, the acknowledgement receipt and digitally signed form containing acknowledgement number will be sent by the Financial Partner at the email ID of the applicant.
    • The application details will be extracted by the Financial Partner to ITD for expeditious allotment of PAN.
    • On receipt of PAN from ITD, the Financial Partner will generate e-PAN and send the same at the email ID of the PAN applicant provided in the application.
    • The Financial Partner shall print the PAN Card and dispatch to the applicant at the communication address provided in the application.
    • If any discrepancy/rejection is noticed/communicated by ITD then the Subscriber will be notified. The Subscriber shall take necessary steps for resolution of such cases within stipulated timelines;
    • The Subscriber shall arrange for attending to queries/complaints of the PAN applicants
  • Service Standards
    • The PAN applications should be received at the counter and an acknowledgment receipt should be issued quickly on best effort basis unless due to operational issues, if the applications are complete and correct.
    • Reasonably qualified and adequately trained personnel shall be deployed at the Subscribers Centers for acceptance of PAN applications.
  • The Entity acknowledges and agrees that the foregoing restrictions are reasonable and necessary for the protection of the goodwill and business of Financial Partner and are enforceable in view of, among other things;
    • The narrow range of activities prohibited,
    • The markets in which Financial Partner operates/ may operate,
    • The Confidential Information to which it had access during tenure of the Product Terms and
    • The parties hereby acknowledge that the nature of the business conducted by Financial Partner and the position of Financial Partner under the regulatory mandate of Income Tax Department the foregoing non-competition restriction for a substantial duration in order to protect and preserve the competitive advantage and goodwill of the company.

Annexure 2 – Schedule of Fees and Charges

The following service charges shall be applicable for PAN Issuance integration services pursuant to clause 6 of the Product Terms:

Sr. No. Service Charges per application (in Rs.)
With physical PAN Card without physical PAN card
1 PAN Application fees* prescribed by ITD 91.00 61.00
2 Service Charges of the Subscriber _____ ____
3 Amount to be remitted to Signzy ____ ___

*including e-Sign charges

1. The abovesaid fees and charges are exclusive of applicable GST.
2. Applicable for applications for allotment of PAN as well as PAN Change Request applications (which may be made available subsequently) through API integration service.
3. The Subscriber will be required to make payment in advance and will have to maintain an advance balance against which limit will be provided in the system for usage of the service.
4. The Subscriber will be able to use services subject to limit available to it. Alerts will be sent in advance for enhancing the limit by making top-up payment.
5. On exhaustion of the advance balance, the entity will not be able to use services. Only after top-up of the advance balance, the Subscriber will be allowed to access the services.
6. The Subscriber shall collect the service tax at the rate as applicable, in addition to the fees determined by the Subscriber for acceptance of PAN application from the applicants.