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PAN Card Verification API

Signzy’s PAN Verification API offers swift and reliable PAN Card verification, helping you determine the legitimacy of your customers and preventing fraudulent activities. Read on to discover how our API can enhance your customer verification process.


PAN Card Verification API Solution

Introducing our PAN Card Verification API Solution – a reliable and efficient tool designed to verify the authenticity of PAN Cards. This solution is essential in establishing the credibility of your customers and in preventing fraudulent activities. The Income Tax Department recommends online PAN verification systems for institutions and entities to ensure the credibility of their customers. Experience the ease and reliability of our PAN Card Verification API Solution and enhance your customer verification process today.

USP of PAN Card Verification API:

  1. Check Document & Information Forgery: Our API helps detect and prevent the use of fake PAN cards or credentials.
  2. Instant PAN Card Verification: Get immediate verification of PAN Card details.
  3. Plug and Play: Our API is easy to integrate into your existing systems.

How Does the API Work?


Share the PAN Number or Upload the PAN Image.

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Our system will perform a real-time hit on the database


Instant PAN Verification is done and you’re ready with the response

Integrate PAN Card Verification API


Easy To Use

Signzy’s PAN verification API is optimized for the best user experience. It is simple and effortless.


Stops Fraudsters

Our API is equipped withAI-based detection capabilities to identify and prevent fraudulent activities involving fake PAN cards or credentials.


Reliable Verification

Our system verifies all the information provided with the PAN department and NSDL, ensuring the data is legitimate and accurate.


Real-time Verification

Our API operates in real-time, retrieving and verifying data within seconds. This efficiency saves you valuable time and effort.

How to Verify PAN Card:

Verifying PAN Card Details have never been easier. Following are the steps:

  1. Contact Us: Click here to contact us to signup for the API.
  2. Integrate the API: Proceed to integrate the PAN verification API into your existing system.
  3. Enter the PAN Number: Provide the PAN number (and other details) as part of your API request.
  4. Retrieve the Details: The API will provide the details associated with the entered PAN card. You can then extract this data for your records.

List of Clients


What is PAN Verification API?

It is an online tool that enables entities to verify and validate the PAN credentials of an individual. Our API is designed for speed and reliability.

How does PAN Verification API help me?

The API allows you to verify the legitimacy of a customer by checking if the PAN details provided are real or fake. This helps protect your business from potential fraud.

How Does PAN Verification API work?

Once the user inputs the PAN number, the API fetches the data from the backend and verifies it with the NSDL. The required details are then provided in the response.

Can the API verify changes made to the PAN card?

While the API cannot verify changes made to the PAN card, it does provide an option to check when NSDL last modified a particular PAN number.

What are the types of PAN verification APIs?

We offer two types of APIs – PAN Fetch API and PAN Verification API.

What’s the difference between PAN Fetch and PAN Verification APIs?

PAN Fetch API only fetches the details from NSDL for the PAN number provided. PAN Verification API also does name verification if the user name is provided as part of the flow.

How accurate is the verification process?

The data comes directly from the government sources.

Which attributes can we verify using this API?

The API provides Name, and Issued Date, Status of the PAN, etc

Is online PAN Verification faster than offline PAN verification?

Yes, the online PAN verification API is instant and only requires the PAN number or a photo of the card. The response is generated within seconds.

Are there any requirements for it to work?

The only requirement for this API to work is the PAN number. You can either enter it manually or upload a photograph of the card and let our AI-based OCR scan and retrieve it.

Do I need to submit any documents to avail this feature?

To avail this feature, certain documents need to be submitted for PAN Verification. The required documents include:

  1. Business proof (mandatory)
  2. Company PAN (mandatory)
  3. The latest bank statement (optional)
  4. Authorised signatory identification and address proof (optional)

Do I have to bear any charges to avail this feature? If yes, how much will it be?

According to the information provided, if you are wondering about the charges associated with availing this feature, the answer is affirmative. To determine the exact pricing based on your specific requirements, it is recommended to contact our sales team. They will be able to provide you with custom pricing tailored to your needs.