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Offline Aadhaar
Verification API

Aadhaar verification API is vital for any business, financial institution or entity in determining the credibility of their customers. The Aadhaar card is the national identification in India for any citizen. Signzy’s Offline Aadhaar Verification API will help you reliably verify your customers.

Issued by the Government of India, Aadhaar contains information about your Full Name, Address, Mobile Number and other data that could be used to verify an individual.

Offline Aadhar Verification API

Use Cases of the API

USPs of The API

Valodation in both PDF and XML formats

Validation in Both PDF and XML Formats

Compliant With All Regulations

Paperless and Enhanced UX

Completely Paperless Processing


Easy to Use

Signzy’s Offline Aadhaar Verification API is optimized for the best user experience. It is simple and effortless.

Stops Fraudsters

With a forgery check, our API will detect fraudsters who try to use fake Aadhaar cards or credentials. We will ensure your safety.


Our System verifies all the information provided with the Aadhaar department rendering them legit and accurate.


With Aadhaar Regulations.

Real-time downloading

Update information in real-time with our easy download and upload features.

Multiple Data Extraction

Our API extracts multiple data points such as name, address, etc.

How to Verify?

Verifying Aadhaar Card Details have never been easier. Following are the steps:

  • Once you receive the link to the inquiry form, access it and fill in your details.
  • Integrate the Aadhaar offline web API or mobile SDK.
  • You can either upload the Aadhaar card in the web API or enter the Aadhaar number in the mobile SDK to extract Aadhaar Details.
  • The System will provide you with the Aadhaar XML in JSON format.


Can I match the user's face with the portrait image on the Aadhaar in the Aadhaar API?

Yes. We provide Face Match with Aadhaar, which can be used to match the user’s face with the portrait image of the user on the Aadhaar.

During Aadhaar number verification, can I verify the Aadhaar-linked mobile numbers of customers while?

Yes. Offline Aadhaar in XML mode is used to verify the registered or linked mobile number. You can enter the mobile number to be verified, and we will provide you with the status as output.

What if the uploaded XML or e-PDF file is tampered with during the Aadhaar number verification?

The signature attached to the file is verified by us. If the signature does not match with the original, the file is rejected, and you are protected from any malpractices.

Will any pin be generated for the customer?

No. Signzy’s Offline Aadhaar Verification API will give an unlocked XML that does not require a pin. A pin is generated only if the XML is locked.

How can I extract Bank or PAN details from Aadhaar using the Aadhaar API?

You can’t. Both of these data are retrieved from different sources. Aadhaar does not provide any access to that data.

Can we use OTP or biometrics for Aadhaar Authentication or eKYC?

No. Private institutions are not allowed to extract from the UIDAI database under the guidelines of the Supreme Court. Only Banking and Telecom entities are allowed to do so.