Fintech APIs

Geolocation API

Signzy’s Geolocation API helps businesses and financial institutions access the location of their users with consent. Geolocation is a technology that identifies the user’s location based on the device the user interacts with – a mobile or computer connected to the internet and finds the device’s location.

Geolocation API is helpful in onboarding journeys to identify and verify if the location mentioned in the address proof is similar to the onboarding location of the RM/user.

Use Cases of the API

USPs of the API

Accurate geolocation process

Customizable integration

No-code AI-driven API


Easy to Use

Signzy’s Geolocation API is optimized for the best user experience. It is simple and effortless

Stops Fraudsters

With prime precision, our API will detect fraudsters who try to fake their location. We will ensure your safety

Reliable Location Check

Our system verifies all the information provided with the user’s actual location, rendering them legit and accurate

Real-time Location

The data is retrieved and verified within seconds, saving you time and effort

How to Verify?

  • Once you receive the link to the inquiry form, access it and fill in your details.
  • After this, integrate Signzy’s Geolocation API.
  • Enter the location in the dialogue box and provide location access to the API.
  • The API uses an AI-based decision rule engine to locate the user, verify and match the data.
  • The API provides the details regarding the ITR history of the user.


Can the user be notified that their location is being monitored?

Yes. We notify the user that their location is being monitored.

Can I verify the location of the customers?

Yes. IP address & Geolocation identifies the customer’s location by monitoring the longitude and latitude or even the city they are in. We find the device location to do this.

What if the location is prohibited?

Signzy Forensic checks monitor the location. If there is prohibited IP geolocation, the application will be rejected; otherwise, it will continue.

Can a user change addresses in between?

No. Unless it is a small distance and genuine case, then it will not be allowed to proceed.

Can we do reverse coding of Geolocation?

Yes. The Geolocation can be reverse coded with the user’s consent to obtain the user’s address. The end assessor can observe and record this once obtained.

Can I receive a telephone number and other such details?

You can’t. You will be able to receive the location details of the user during the process, and no other information can be retrieved through this API.