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Signzy’s EPFO API  or EPFO Employee Verification enables organizations to gather an individual’s EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) details that provides a swift and non-disruptive method for confirming whether an individual was employed at an organization during the specified time frame or not.

This is done through a simple or detailed search of their establishment code/name, employee name search, or UAN number search based on PAN.

It streamlines employment verification process, saving valuable time and resources. It serves as a trusted tool for background check, enhancing operational efficiency, and facilitating informed decision-making.



Swift and Efficient Processing

Experience the power of speed with our EPFO API. Designed for swift processing, our API reduces the turnaround time significantly, enabling you to access EPFO details in a matter of seconds. This efficiency is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment where every second counts.

No OTP Required

Say goodbye to the hassles of OTPs. Our EPFO API is designed to provide a smooth user experience by eliminating the need for OTPs. This not only simplifies the process but also saves valuable time, making it more convenient for you.

Secure and Compliant

We prioritize your data security and adhere to strict compliance standards. Our API is designed with robust security measures to protect sensitive EPFO data. Furthermore, we ensure our processes are in line with regulatory requirements, providing you a secure and compliant solution for accessing EPFO details.


High Efficiency

Our EPFO API is designed to provide accurate and efficient results. It allows you to view all PF details of the employee, including PF account checks.

Plug and Play Features

The API is easy to use and integrate, thanks to its simple, user-friendly interface. It’s a plug-and-play feature that can be easily incorporated into your system.

Multiple Data Points Extraction

Our API can extract multiple PF data points, providing a comprehensive view of the employee’s details. This includes name, salary, age, address, and more.

Excellent Accuracy

EPFO details cross-verified with official department records, ensuring reliable and trustworthy data for your critical decision-making processes

Optimize your Hiring!

Signzy’s EPFO Employee Verification API offers a swifter, more streamlined approach to conducting background checks. So, wait no more!

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What is the EPFO API?

Signzy’s EPFO API is a powerful tool for conducting employment checks and verifying proof of employment. It enables organizations to track Employee Provident Fund details, conduct comprehensive searches of establishments, UAN details, and employment history for individuals.

What details we can acquire?

Our API can verify salary details of an employee in addition to all the other information present in the EPFO passbook. It also performs UAN checks.

What are the requirements of the API?

For OTP based checks the requirement is a UAN number, and the mobile number linked to this UAN as the OTP will be sent to this number.

Which industries can use the EPFO API?

The EPFO API is primarily used by the lending and banking industries to determine an individual’s financial health. It can also be used for underwriting and in other sectors.

How long does the API take?

Our UAN Verification API has a high success rate, ensuring accurate proof of employment details. It provides quick results within a short response time (usually 1-5 seconds), making it an efficient tool for job verification.

What is the success rate and response time of the UAN Verification API?

UAN Verification is a process that helps to verify an individual’s employment history. It validates the legitimacy of claimed ex-employer details to ensure a reliable background check for employers. UAN API verifies the organization name, tenure of employment, and salary details.

What are the benefits of UAN Verification?

UAN Verification provides an additional layer of security for the employee verification system. It offers real-time and instant verification, significantly reducing the turnaround time for a faster employment verification process. It is easily integrable with a plug-and-play model and verifies multiple data points, including employment details along with tenure and identity check with EPFO database.

In what scenarios can UAN Verification be used?

UAN Verification can be used for background checks during employment verification. It helps in validating employment details and ensures authenticity with proof of employment documents. It can also be utilized for verifying employment history for credit applications, loan processing, or any other scenario that requires employment documentation.

How can the EPFO API be integrated with existing workflows and processes?

The EPFO API can seamlessly integrate with your current workflows and processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration experience. Through our industry-leading technology, you will be able to connect the EPFO API with your existing systems, allowing for seamless data exchange and streamlined operations. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation make it easy to understand and integrate the API into your workflow, eliminating any disruptions or complexities. With the EPFO API, you can effortlessly integrate and enhance your current processes, optimizing productivity and ensuring a seamless experience for your organization.

How does the EPFO API simplify the employment verification process?

The EPFO API simplifies the employment verification process by offering a straightforward method to confirm the authenticity of an establishment. By utilizing the EPFO API, organizations can verify the establishment code, ensuring that they only hire individuals who have legitimate claims and are free from any fraudulent activities.

The API provides a secure and reliable platform by collaborating with individuals who have previously worked or are currently employed by different organizations. This partnership ensures a comprehensive verification process and minimizes the risk of hiring individuals with suspicious employment backgrounds.

To utilize the EPFO API, organizations need to input the employee’s name, establishment code, and the month and year of their claim. In return, they receive multiple data points that assist in evaluating the authenticity of the employee’s previous employment. These data points serve as valuable indicators to help organizations mitigate the risk associated with hiring individuals.

Ultimately, the EPFO API streamlines the employment verification process by providing accurate and trustworthy information about the employee’s past work history. This comprehensive verification enhances organizations’ ability to make informed hiring decisions, promoting a more reliable and secure employment environment.