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Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding revolutionizes customer integration into services, offering swift, secure and seamless experiences. It’s the key to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in the digital age!

The onboarding process is generally the first experience a customer has with any financial institution and that in itself sets the tone of the ongoing experience the bank can deliver. The client onboarding process is also critical because it gathers Know Your Customer (KYC) Data for continuing maintenance and management of the account.

Digital Onboarding of customers is an entirely digitized process. With digital onboarding in banking,new customers can sign up online quickly and

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Digital Onboarding


Credit Card

Give an End-to-end digital journey

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Reduce several levels of manual verification/info loss

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Reduce overall TAT to 2-3 days

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Digitisation of Contract & PO signing

Signzy’s Digital Onboarding Solutions


Generic Onboarding (GO):  First of its kind, Signzy’s Generic Onboarding Solution is designed with a vision to digitally onboard 80% of global users with minimal human intervention by offering a platform that allows the creation of completely customizable journeys across use-cases.


Merchant Onboarding (MO): Signzy’s Merchant Onboarding solution enables to onboard a merchant in lesser time with proper due diligence has always been the prime objective for every acquirer in the market.


Investor Onboarding (IO): Signzy is the first to implement a remote Investor Onboarding Solution. This solution also supports integrating 3rd party distributors/channel partners via an Orchestrated Distributor API, custom-built for the AMC.

Signzy’s 3 Digital Onboarding Differentiator Capabilities

SMART App 2.0 – The Front-End Onboarding App can retrieve real-Time Data Pre-population from Authentic Data Sources, real-time Aadhaar Verification & Redaction, liveness detection, etc., which increases the efficiency of FoS by 80%.

AI Rule-Engine – The AI-Driven Decision Rule Engine supports client-specific rules which are completely customizable. It helps identify STP/ NSTP cases and, thus, reduces Back Office efforts.

BackOps Dashboards – The Dashboard helps get a summarized and detailed view of all applications. It also shows Verification status, face match score, risk score, etc., helping role-based access. Thus enabling real-time decisions.

Solution Benefits of Digital Onboarding Solution

80% Lower cost of acquisition

73% Reduction in TAT

3x Increase in business efficiency

Aadhaar E-Sign API

90% Reduction in digital fraud

Compliance with Regulations

100% Compliant with all the regulations


10x Return over investment

Impact of Signzy’s Digital Onboarding Solution

Sales Efficiency

  • Real-time data pre-population to eliminate manual form filling
  • Enhanced RM efficiency to result in significant incremental revenue
  • Overall Onboarding TAT reduced by 73%

Operations Efficiency

  • High Data Accuracy to possibly eliminate Junk Data
  • Customizable rules for adapting to changing regulatory compliances
  • Back Office overheads to get reduced by 60%
  • STP flow to reduce manual eye-balling efforts by 75%

IT Efficiency

  • Integration with LMS, CRM, and Central DBMS
  • Instant MID creation and vastly reduced data entry time
  • Dynamic forms to save time & effort for new product developments
  • Modular architecture allows flexibility and supports scalability