Fintech APIs

Fraud Screening

Signzy’s Fraud Screening Solutions offer robust capabilities designed to significantly minimize the risk of onboarding fraudulent customers. These sophisticated tools serve a dual purpose: they safeguard the business from potential harm and ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience for legitimate customers, both during onboarding and subsequent servicing.

Our solutions are powered by advanced AI-based algorithms that continuously learn and evolve. This ensures not only a consistent reduction in fraudulent activities but also a decrease in false positives, thereby maintaining the integrity of your customer base and ensuring the smooth operation of your business.


Liveness related

Liveness Check API verifies if the customer who’s being onboarded is not a bot, and instead genuine & live. This is needed while verifying customers’ identities to know if they are who they claim to be. identification.

Basic Document Forgery

Checks the forgery on the provided ID card. It detects forgery on the basis of the following three criteria.

  • Type of identity card – i.e. whether the id type submitted by the user actually matches the id type predicted by the ML system.
  • Photo-copy check – i.e. whether the image submitted is a photocopied file or not.
  • Check text information – i.e. whether text present in the image matches the user input

Advance Document Forgery

Advance forgery consists of all the major scenarios like Template detection, Photoshop detection, Photocopy identification, Screenshot identification, MRZ Check digit check, MRZ Visual Zone Match & Image uploaded from the internet via which fraudsters can attempt to defraud your product.


Accept only genuine customers

Eliminate fraudulent applications right at the initial stages

Continuous Learning

Fraud Screening Solutions’ AI-based detection improves and accuracy heightens with more data intake

Reduce Human Intervention

Efficiently utilize costly human skills while minimizing manual involvement

Wide coverage

Both document forgery and liveness checks ensures all forms of frauds are screened