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Onboard businesses and individuals globally without worrying about the diverse regulatory compliances. Complete legal requirements like KYC/KYB/AML checks seamlessly at one place.

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We help you navigate through the regulatory hurdles in 240+ Countries!

Automate how you verify your users worldwide.

Document Verification

From driver’s license to certificate of incorporation, authenticate numerous legal documents within seconds to safely onboard both individuals and businesses.

Biometric Verification

Strengthen your KYC process with advanced verification technologies like facial verification and voice recognition to affirm the identity of document holders.

Data Verification

Keep the compliance on track by streamlining the complex regulatory requirements globally like AML checks by leveraging signals like adverse media, proof of address, etc.

Fraud Detection

Shield your business from the threats of synthetic frauds, deepfake and organized fraud rings without impacting your user experience.

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Onboard users globally, stay compliant locally.

We are available across 240+ countries worldwide!

Here’s all we have for you!

Identity OCR

US Driver’s License OCR (All States)

Auto-reads ID details using OCR from image of Driver’s License, and provides extracted data (text) as output in real-time.

US Passport OCR

Auto-reads ID details using OCR from image of Passport, and provides extracted data (text) as output in real-time.


US Driver’s License

Verification of US Driver’s license in 41 US States in real-time.

Social Security Number (Validation)

Validation of an individual based on the SSN details (Name, DOB & Address).

Social Security Number Fetch

Fetching personal information through last 4 digits of SSN and either of the DOB or Phone Number.

US Driver’s License OCR (All States)

Auto-reads ID details using OCR from image of Driver’s License, and provides extracted data (text) as output in real-time.


EIN Verification

Verification of employer identification numbers in real time for the US.

Credit Underwriting Report

Risk Scores based in the company’s and UBO’s data and red flag indicators to prevent fraud.

Bankruptcy check

Check for any bankruptcies filed by the company or the UBOs

Business Verification (All States)

Business / Entity Verification in real time for all the US States

Bank Transaction
and Verification

Bank Connection

Connection to Bank Network for Verification Services (One-time).

Verification of Name

Real time validation of beneficiary name in the bank account.

Detailed Transactions

Detailed transaction for the respective bank accounts.

Balance Check

Real time validation of balances in bank accounts.


Sanction List

Negative due diligence check – search for persons/organizations from various databases such as: US Sanction List, UN Sanction List, OFAC, Interpol etc.

Politically Exposed

Check for politically exposed person on the global database.

Adverse Media Screening

Adverse media screening involves searching for negative news about a person or business

US Driver’s License OCR (All States)

Auto-reads ID details using OCR from image of Driver’s License, and provides extracted data (text) as output in real-time.

Credit &

Credit Decisioning Engine

Generation of Score Cards, Ratio’s, Dynamic Rule Engine and Credit Score Weightages

Credit Bureau Check

Fetching Credit Data that is computed from 3 agencies – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

Income Check

Verification of Income Data Check in Realtime

Employment History

Verification of Employment History from various databases


Civil Court Search

Civil court search for both federal and county level.

Criminal Record Check

County, State and Federal level checks.

E-mail ID

E-mail Verification & Validation

Details about username of email ID, status, delivery status, domain linked information, social media information URLs etc.

Business Checks

Domain Verification

Details about company name, industry, sic code, social media URLs, meta data of keywords on website and other details.

Financial Statements

Financial data pull through accounting systems for the underwriting process. Includes financial statement and ratios.

Merchant Risk Underwriting

Identify the MCC codes the merchant deals in and provide the risk assessment.

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