Fintech APIs

Additional Lending Checks

Signzy’s Additional Lending Checks APIs are designed to bolster and streamline digital customer journeys for both consumer and commercial lending, with the added advantage of swift implementation through the use of modular microservices and a no-code decision engine platform.

These APIs not only simplify the lending process but also extend their functionality beyond the typical know-your-customer (KYC) details needed for loan origination. They enable the comprehensive acquisition of additional critical data such as credit scores, bank account aggregation, and financial statements.

With our partnership with Scienaptic ( and deep integration to their AI based underwriting engine, the entire loan origination process for multiple loan products can be run on a single platform.


Bank Account and Bank Statement for retail and commercial lending

Bank Account Verification is one of the key things which need to be done for any kind of businesses where finances would be involved. We use Finicity for this purpose which lets you verify these details.

Financial Statements for businesses

Signzy helps you fetch a business’ financial statements by connecting through your accounting systems like Quickbooks, Tally etc. This helps you assess your customer’s overall health and make better underwriting decisions.

Credit score

Evaluate the creditworthiness of your customers before lending & minimize the risk of default using our Credit Bureau APIs. Credit Score Check APIs help businesses like yours speed up customer onboarding time by 95% and provide a seamless experience to your customers, partners, and vendors!

Domain verification and social media check

Check activity on social media handles of your client and enrich your data points used in underwriting.


Single source for all client data

Signzy consolidates identification, AML checks, fraud screening, and credit decisioning into one efficient partnership

Simplified Integration

Our platform offers swift integration with multiple data sources for expedited loan origination and onboarding

Reduce turnaround time

 Streamlines onboarding, reducing Turnaround Time (TAT) by up to 70% for enhanced efficiency

Increase approvals

Leverage our AI-based underwriting and credit decisioning to increase approval rates by up to 40%