Fintech APIs

ITR and 26AS APIs

Signzy’s ITR and 26AS APIs help you evaluate your customers’ financial health, habits, and track record with reliability and ease by using their income tax returns information. Since it gives a better picture of their income sources, this will help you determine the legitimacy of the customer while preventing any risky activities.

It is beneficial to use Signzy’s ITR and 26AS APIs systems for companies and entities to determine the credibility and associated risk. All we require for this process are the particular credentials of the customer and the respective document image.

Use Cases of the API

USPs of the API

Easily verify income sources

Decreased risk and processing time

Categorization based on employment status


Accessible to Use

Signzy’s ITR and 26AS APIs are optimized for the best user experience. It is effortless and straightforward

Stops Fraudsters

With exceptional precision, our APIs will detect fraudsters who try to use fraudulent ITR details or credentials to hide illegitimate income sources. We will ensure your safety

Reliable Verification

Our system verifies all the information provided with the IT databases establishing the credibility and validity of the associated account

How to Verify?

Verifying ITR has never been easier. Following are the steps:

  • Once you receive the link to the inquiry form, access it and fill in your details.
  • After this, Signzy’s ITR and 26AS APIs are to be integrated.
  • Upload and verify the respective document.
  • The API uses an AI-based decision rule engine to evaluate the customer’s financial track record.
  • The APIs provide the details regarding the ITR history of the user.


What are Signzy's ITR and 26AS APIs?

An online interface helps you evaluate your customers’ income tax returns history and their credibility in financial transactions. It generates an income tax report. An AI-based decision rule engine helps do this. In addition, you can combine data with other data points to create a more defined perspective about the user.

What is the 26AS form?

Each quarter the 26AS form is to be updated with the individual’s income, tax, and other details. It usually includes tax deductions, advance tax, refunds, high-value transactions, and individual income details.

What is ITR form 1?

Indian residents with an annual income of less than 50 lakh rupees fill out this form. The income is determined from three sources. These include the salary/pension, house property income, and other defined sources. This information is used to create the income tax report.

How accurate is the verification process?

There are minimal to zero chances of any error in the verification. The maximum quality evaluation is made with the available data. An AI-based decision rule engine makes the process accurate and devoid of human errors.

Can ITR and 26AS be used for underwriting?

Yes. ITR and 26AS APIs can be used for underwriting and will be an effective tool in determining the financial credibility and capacity of the customer.

Which attributes can we verify using this API?

You can evaluate your customers’ ITR details with reliability and ease using their PAN number, DoB, and phone number. It will help you decide if a customer is legitimate, financially secure, or unqualified and add to the customer’s credibility. This also helps determine the employment status of the customer.