Fintech APIs

Account Aggregator API

Signzy’s Account Aggregator API helps Financial Information Users (FIUs) obtain customer information from registered Financial Information Providers (FIPs) without storing any data. However, this process requires the customer’s consent. Most FIUs like banks and NBFCs require the customer to provide valid information for multiple processes (lending, KYC, etc.). In addition, manual entries are complex as each data point must be verified separately. Hence, our API handles the whole process digitally without compromising convenience or safety.

Use Cases of the API

USPs of the API

Decreased Risk and Processing Time

High Precision and Accuracy

Register New Users on AA on the Fly


Easy to Use

Signzy’s Account Aggregator API is optimized for the best customer experience. It is effortless and straightforward

Stops Fraudsters

Our API will detect fraudulent activity and prevent customer information leaks with exceptional precision

Reliable Information

As data is obtained from government-regulated FIPs, it is accurate and dependable

Real-time Retrieval

The data is processed and obtained swiftly, saving you time and effort

How to Verify?

Account Aggregator API usage and processing have never been easier. Following are the steps:

  • Once you receive the link to the inquiry form, access it and fill in your details.
  • After this, Signzy’s Account Aggregator API is to be integrated.
  • Provide the request for customer details.
  • After obtaining consent, data is transferred from the FIP to the FIU for processing.


From where is the customer data obtained?

The customer data is obtained from the respective FIP after a request has been provided with the customer’s consent. The information is transferred to the concerned FIU without retaining it with the AA.

Does the AA keep the customer data?

No. AA acts only as a transferring vessel for the data. All data obtained from FIPs are transferred to FIUs without retaining any information, even with consent.

Does the API have direct access to customer data?

No. The API and AA can only obtain data the FIPs provide. They do not retain or access any data, even with the customer’s consent.

Will the customer's data be safe during the process?

Yes. Only data to which the customer has given consent can be accessed. The API transfers this data from the FIP to FIU. The process is fortified, and no external party can access the data. Even the AA does not access this data. All this is done while ensuring the best customer experience during the customer onboarding process.