With Signzy’s platform, insurers can provide state-of-the-art onboarding process to their customers. From life to P&C products, we cover the whole spectrum of consumer demands meeting all compliance guidelines without compromising on convenience. Our user-oriented technology makes the sign-up process quick and simple, be it to check the ID document or for a more sophisticated biometric verification.


Insurance Use Cases


The Best Digital

Help Your Customers Have The Best Experience!
With an array of advanced APIs that are extremely customizable, Signzy’s onboarding solution offers smooth and agile processing. Constant optimizations and an active crew to monitor all modifications evolve our resources each day to serve you better.


The Safest
KYC Processes

Know Who You Help
Make sure you know who you help. That’s why you need the best KYC processing. From simple ID document verification to sophisticated biometric checks, we got you covered on all fronts. We can get you the perfect balance of the best user experience and the safest processing.

The More The Merrier

Keep The Costs Down
With More Customers

The more customers you have, Signzy’s Innovative AI based rule engine gives you the most accurate and safest verification pass rates. The machine learning-powered AI makes calculated decisions ensuring the automation independent of constant human assistance.


Life Insurance

The extensive paper-work and in-person verifications can be avoided using our digital KYC and onboarding processes. We ensure that fraud activity occurs and each customer is who they say they are with our Biometric and Liveness Checks and other advanced resources.

Aspects covered:

  • Term Insurance Issuance
  • Endowment Issuance
  • Pre Issuance Verification
  • Life Insurance Claim / Pay-out Solution

Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance

From liveness checks to using biometric verifications, we make sure that the customer provides the real data required. We also make sure that the user has a pleasant journey throughout.

Aspects covered:

  • Health Policy Issuance
  • Health Insurance Claim Solution
  • Motor Policy Issuance
  • Travel Policy Issuance
  • Fire/ Home Policy Issuance
  • Marine Policy Issuance
  • Engineering Policy Issuance