Organizations in the US and across the globe

Use our platform to on-board
millions of customers every day


Platform Features

Relationship Manager Assisted App

  • “Set up & launch new product in a day”
  • 5X monthly lead generation
  • 3X productivity of sales

Front End- DIY Journey

  • 66% reduction in customer drop-offs
  • Increase flexibility of navigating through the onboarding journey

Risk/Decision Engine

Make Real time risk assessment easy with
our comprehensive AI based decision engine

  • Utilize our rule engine to create up to 7 levels of rules in minutes without needing to set up complex flows
  • Instant risk assessment leading to a 90% reduction in turnaround time of risk checks
  • Designed to process over 200 custom rules and validations simultaneously
  • Capability to handle a million queries an hour


Empower back office operations users by automating major operational tasks, achieving increased productivity and combating fraud more effectively

  • 360-degree view of applications across jurisdictions
    and business verticals
  • Up to a 60% reduction in back-office overhead costs
  • Up to a 70% reduction in manual reviews

Enterprise Grade Security

Exercise Complete control over your data.
Customers can manage their own data, privacy,
security, Storage and Retrival.

  • Signzy is ISO 27001 Certified & Compliant.
  • Signzy uses 256 BIT SSL Encryption
  • Industry standard practices for Product & Infrastructure Security
  • 24*7 Security Incidents & Event Monitoring

Deep User Analytics

Get deep insights into customer behavior by intelligent
tracking of relevant current and historical data across
desired time frame

  • 40% increase in accuracy of analytical reporting
  • Expedited user problem identification
  • Improvement in Process efficiency to target major KPIs

Fintech APIs

Most comprehensive pre integrated API stack of over
240+ APIs across all financial use cases

  • Single vendor contract leading to 30% cost reduction
  • Zero third party support requirement
  • GTM reduction from 6 months to 3 weeks

Distributor API

Building marketing funnels through digital
ecosystem allowing 3rd Party Distributors to
seamlessly connect with Bank

  • Expansion of market funnel under one platform
  • Increase distribution channel from few to hundreds in the
    Signzy marketplace without any separate team involvement
  • Reduction in cost of acquisition of multiple partners

Integrate with
Pre- Existing Systems

Integrate your journey with your legacy systems with minimum
effort. Pre-Integrated systems to expedite your GTM

List of existing integrations:

  • Salesforce
  • Document Management System (DMS)Integration. Ex- KDR
  • Oracle Fusion Integration
  • SFTP Integration
  • ECM Integration- OmniDocs (Newgen)
  • Sending the data through REST API – API Integration
  • Core Banking System Integration, Ex- Finacle
  • Pull data from client System, Ex- Finacle Integration, KRA Integration
  • OnPremise client API integration
  • Integration with client API and auto populating those specific information into the Signzy’s onboarding journey
  • User Access Management (UAM) Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Different type of integration interface for data exchange formats and protocols, Ex- CSV,xlsx,XML,JSON,image file,pdf file,DB Import/export
  • Data transfer at some specific time based on some scheduler
    job- cron job setup
  • Orchestrated system integration- It refers to the process ofautomating multiple systems and services together.

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