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Signzy Launches One-Touch Know Your Customer (KYC) For Seamless Digital Onboarding

March 28, 2024

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One-Touch aims to revolutionize how businesses configure and integrate their KYC process.

After the success of Signzy’s Video KYC, we are confident that adding One-Touch KYC to our tech stack further cements Signzy as a world leader in digital onboarding.”

— – Ankit Ratan

NEW YORK , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 / — Signzy, a prominent AI-based digital onboarding solutions provider, today announces the launch of its latest product feature, One-Touch Know Your Customer (KYC), making the entire KYC process painless for users and businesses. One-Touch aims to improve the swiftness of the user experience and accuracy of results to drive higher customer conversions for a historically slow and arduous process. In minutes, business teams can now customize their desired KYC flow, make UI choices – and launch to onboard users from 180+ countries, providing individuals the easiest way to now verify their identity and meet the regulatory requirements.

“The KYC market is increasingly in demand, given the rise in identity fraud across the globe,” said Ankit Ratan, CEO of Signzy. “We’re thrilled to be bringing One-Touch KYC to our current and future clients who want to provide their developers and users faster turnaround times, and an efficient identity checkpoint.”

One-Touch KYC targets a number of growing industries, including the gig economy, online gaming, financial services, rental apps, and retail companies. The full KYC configuration lifecycle is time-consuming for the company and users, with a painful integration process for both product managers and developers. One-Touch KYC is the latest resource enabling global businesses to configure and integrate their KYC effortlessly, all with a simplified minimum configuration process.

Based on their use case, product managers simply select and arrange the KYC flow from the predefined fields, all while incorporating the company’s brand. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and liveness detection checks enable businesses to tackle deepfake fraudsters faster. These efficiencies will not only benefit our clients but also improve the user experience by multiple folds. With intuitive UI and real-time feedback, users find the KYC process much less intimidating – which in turn, reduces the amount of mid-process drop-offs.

This news comes on the back of expanded partnership growth and industry recognition for Signzy. Most recently, the company was recognized by CB Insight’s Fintech 100 List and GamblingIQ’s Top 10 Digital Identity Providers. Additionally, Singzy recently launched partnerships with NayaOne and Verified Inc. to enhance onboarding capabilities.

About Signzy
Signzy is a leading global AI-powered digital onboarding provider that offers a wide range of solutions, helping businesses and financial institutions automate their customer onboarding, compliance and verification processes.

We help streamline onboarding processes, reduce the time and cost associated with manual processes and ensure that businesses are fully compliant with all regulations and industry standards. Signzy’s solutions use advanced security measures to protect sensitive customer data, preventing fraud and cyber attacks.

At Signzy, we are dedicated to helping businesses digitize and automate their customer onboarding and verification processes, reducing onboarding and underwriting costs, while ensuring compliance, security and a positive customer experience.

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