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Signzy Launches its Video KYC Solution on Salesforce AppExchange

March 28, 2024

2 minutes read

Signzy, a leading digital banking infrastructure provider, announced the launch of its award-winning Video KYC solution on Salesforce AppExchange. This integration will allow customers to provide fast and accurate end-to-end KYC and an integrated experience for their end customers.

Signzy’s video KYC solution provides bank-grade infosec security and delivers industry-leading self-sustaining success rates, while dramatically reducing referral turnaround times. This solution is highly scalable and designed to handle large volumes of concurrent video KYC interactions.

It has an intelligent queuing system that accurately predicts waiting times for better staffing and scheduling. It is compatible with all mobile devices and also works well with low internet speeds, making it especially suitable for customers who are end customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

“Signzy’s video KYC solution offers excellent security, accuracy and scalability and is already being used to onboard thousands of customers every month by banks and financial institutions. Starting today, customers can also easily integrate our video KYC solution to their onboarding workflows and offer a significantly better user experience right from the get-go, while simultaneously cutting down their onboarding costs and turnaround times.”


Arpit Ratan, cofounder of Signzy.


Signzy’s video KYC solution provides end-to-end encryption for videos, channels, and communications. It uses advanced forensics to detect tampering or pre-recorded videos

and also performs real-time digital forensic checks on the displayed proof of identity. This solution can also match faces on ID with faces in live video.

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