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Bank Account Verification API Solution

Financial Institutions must verify their customers’ Bank Accounts to determine credibility. Signzy’s Bank Account Verification API helps you do this with reliability and ease. This will help you determine the legitimacy of the customer while preventing any fraudulent activities. Most regulatory bodies advise using online Bank Account verification systems for certain institutions and entities to verify their customer’s credibility and that the account is valid. All we require for this process are the selective credentials of the customer.

USP of Bank Account Verification API:

  1. Dependable, yet seamless process
  2. Accurate Perception of Behaviour and Credit
  3. Smooth and Scalable

How Does Bank Account Verification API Work?


Add customer bank account number and IFSC code


Will hit banking information system to validate the account details


Instant bank account verification is done and ready for transactions

Integrate Bank Account Verification API


Easy To Use

Signzy’s Bank Account verification API is optimised for the best user experience. It is simple and effortless.


Stops Fraudsters

With prime precision, our API will detect fraudsters who try to use fake Bank Accounts or fake Bank Account credentials. We will ensure your safety.


Reliable Verification

Our system verifies all the information provided with the respective Bank’s available database rendering them legit and accurate.


Real-time Verification

The data is retrieved and verified within a matter of seconds saving you time and effort.

How to Verify Bank Account:

Verifying Bank Account Card Details have never been easier. Following are the steps:

  1. Once You receive the link to the inquiry form, access it and fill in your details.
  2. After this, the Bank Account verification API is to be integrated.
  3. Enter the Bank Account Number and CDSL code in the dialogue boxes.
  4. The API verifies the respective Bank Account and Code from the Bank’s database. You can extract the data.

Uses of Bank Account Verification API:

  1. Verifications during Banking Processes
  2. Claims in Insurance
  3. Background Verification of Individuals


What is the Bank Account Verification API?

It is an online interface that helps entities verify and validate the Bank Account of an individual. Our API is swift and reliable.

How does the Bank Account Verification API help me?

You can verify if an account is legit or not. With our Bank Account Verification API, you can check if the Bank Account details provided by a customer are real or fake. This will protect you from fraudsters.

How Does Bank Account Verification API work?

Once the user inputs the Bank Account Number and the CDSL code, the API fetches the data from the backend. It verifies the data with the available bank databases or government repositories. You will be provided with a response of credible or not with the required details.

How accurate is the verification process?

There is minimal to zero chances of any error in the verification. The data obtained is double-checked with the respective databases and the government’s system with a generated response rendering the process precise and error-free.

Which attributes can we verify using this API?

The validity of the Bank Account along with the credibility of the data provided can be verified. This is done by matching it with credible and available databases.

Is online Bank Account Verification faster than offline Bank Account Verification?

Yes. The online Bank Account Verification API is instant and the user only needs to enter the Bank Account Number and the CDSL code. Within seconds the response is generated with the data

Are there any requirements for it to work?

You only need the Bank Account Number and the CDSL code for this API to work. You can enter it manually and get it verified.