Lending is not just limited to banks and CUs, alternate lenders, and Fintechs but increasingly being looked at as an embedded feature in ConsumerTech apps too. Credit access at the point of sale can be a big force multiplier helping communities.

The Signzy Lending Solution aims to empower digital customer onboarding journeys for all credit products and enable going live in a short time using modular microservices and a no-code decision engine. Our partnership with AI based underwriting solution Scienaptic [ https://www.scienaptic.ai/global  ] brings a pre-integrated loan origination for various loan products.


Loan Products Onboarding


Digitization has disrupted the loan industry in recent years. It is driven by the need for better customer experience, faster TAT, and the adoption of contemporary technologies like cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).

Signzy strives to transform the loan disbursement process digitally. From customer verification to loan approval we ensure ease in disbursement, repayment, and other related functions.

Signzy addresses these challenges which consume the current lending industry:

  • Balancing between risk and approval rates based on real time decisioning using traditional and alternate data – credit scores, bank account aggregation and transactions, social network profiles.
  • Enabling a fully digital process with low operational interventions.


Signzy Contracting SDK manages end-to-end contract management flow. It enables a fully compliant way to create contracts on the fly, add multiple signers with proper email and SMS notifications, multiple user authentication mechanism and audit logs with detailed workflow timestamps, IP and geolocation tagging