Banks and Credit Unions (CUs) are racing towards a complete digital transformation to provide a frictionless customer experience, reduce turn-around times and costs while ensuring proper risk management and compliance to regulations

Banks and CUs in the US are embracing digitalization in order to stay competitive and provide the best service to their clients. Signzy’s platform brings an engaging digital onboarding journey which is the first experience of the customer with the financial institution.


Banking Use Cases


Onboarding of Savings
and Checking Accounts

Signzy facilitates quick navigation through all the steps of the account opening process by enabling real time KYC and KYB solutions along with bank account verification and contract signing in the same journey. The ease of integrating with legacy systems to ensure an end-to-end smooth flow from lead generation to activation, makes the process more efficient.
Signzy also has several pre-integrated APIs which make the addition of various checks in the journey faster.
Signzy is the market leader in facilitating easy compliance checks across onboarding processes.


Retirement and
Other Banking Products

Signzy’s no-code onboarding platform can be configured to define different product specific workflows and document requirements


Omni-channel Automation

Signzy is the pioneer in transforming the onboarding operations, improving engagement across all assisted and do-it-yourself (DIY) channels. Quicker customer onboarding and automation of the account opening process at the branch or over the internet and mobile can save time, resources and add more security and accuracy to the entire process.