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Passport Verification API

Elevate your security standards with Signzy’s Passport Verification API. Tailored for you, our seamless solution guarantees hassle-free identity checks for your business. Bid farewell to fraud concerns and effortlessly enhance your security measures. Get your passport to seamless, reliable verifications.

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    Passport Verification API Solution

    Verify customer passports effortlessly with Signzy’s reliable API. Safeguard against fraud while ensuring customer legitimacy. Our online Passport Verification API ensures safe and efficient credibility checks for your business. Simply provide selective customer credentials to get started.

    USP of Passport Verification:

    1. Check document & information forgery
    2. Pre fill or auto fill data to verify instantly with seamless customer experience
    3. Go live in less than a week by integrating our solution into your existing platform

    How to Instant Passport Verification API Work?


    Users share their Passport number or upload the image of their Passport


    Information is verified against our huge database spread across 200 countries.


    Instant Passport Verification for users with ready response

    Integrate Passport Verification API


    Easy To Use

    Signzy’s Passport verification API is optimized for the best user experience. It is simple and effortless.


    Stops Fraudsters

    With prime precision, our API will detect fraudsters who try to use fake Passports or fake Passport credentials. We will ensure your safety.


    Reliable Verification

    Our system verifies all the information provided with the government databases rendering them legit and accurate.


    Real-time Verification

    The data is retrieved and verified within a matter of seconds saving you time and effort.

    How to Verify Passport:

    Streamlining Passport Verification is simple with the following steps:

    1. Users receive a link to the inquiry form and proceed to fill in their details.
    2. The Passport verification API is then activated.
    3. Users input their Passport number in the dialogue box.
    4. The API retrieves details from the Passport such as name, address, etc., automatically pre-filling the form or allowing data extraction.

    Uses of Passport Verification API:

    1. Identity Verification
    2. Citizenship Verification
    3. Customer Onboarding
    4. Investor Onboarding

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    How long does the process take with the Passport Verification API?

    With Signzy’s AI-driven online verification handle, the entire process of passport verification takes mere seconds.

    Does the Passport Verification API have any requirements?

    Passport Verification API has only one requirement. It requires a scan or clear photograph of the passport of the user.

    How does the API work?

    Once the user inputs the image of the OVD(passport), it is scanned and AI-based OCR is used to retrieve the information. This information is returned to the framework which uses it to validate the user and the documents.

    Is the Passport Verification API safe from data leakage?

    Yes. This API only checks the input and retrieved data from the government databases. It does not store any of the data obtained. This protects the process from any data leakage or risk.

    What all data can be verified using the Passport Verification API?

    All the data present on the passport can be verified by the Passport Verification API. This includes name, address, etc.