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Business Verification

Verification of a business customer is one of the most complex processes and takes the maximum time if not supported by appropriate digitization. Signzy’s Business Verification Services comprises of APIs that provides various levels of verification as required.

The APIs are easily customizable to get the right level of details that you require starting from the first level of the organization details to additional information on AML and the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).

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    EIN Verification

    A corporate entity is identified by an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also called a Federal Tax Identification Number. Businesses typically require an EIN as it serves as the equivalent of a Social Security number for businesses.

    Business Details

    We assist businesses across the US in verifying their commercial clients with a suite of identification products. We can fetch the business details of an entity like a list of executives, the demographics and industry the business the operates in, bankruptcy checks etc.


    The Signzy business data API can fetch the UBO details and KYC and AML checks can be performed for the required UBOs. The KYC of the UBOs can follow the exact checks of id verification and AML as detailed out in the Identity Verification section.

    Adverse Media

    Our ongoing Adverse Media monitoring keeps you informed in real time of any risk associated with your customer and enables you to meet your AML compliance obligations when onboarding your clientele.
    Adverse media screening is required by regulatory bodies to seek potential evidence of a customer’s involvement in suspicious activity – including associations with third parties connected to drug syndicates, human trafficking, or other illegal endeavors.

    Bank Account Verification

    Bank Account Verification is one of the key things which need to be done for any kind of entities where finances would be involved.


    Eliminate fraudulent applications

    Right at the initial stage that reduces a lot of effort that has no returns

    Engaging customer experience

    Reduce data entry and document collection with direct inputs from authentic data sources

    Reduce turn-around-time

    By accessing the required level of data in real time

    Comply with all regulations

    Ensure coverage of all your regulatory requirements

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