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AI Based Liveness Check

Our AI-Based Liveness Check solution offers a sophisticated and reliable method of verifying customer identity, ensuring the individual interacting with the process is not an automated bot, but a genuine and live person.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, our API offers dependable and seamless verification. This not only assists in ascertaining the legitimacy of your customers, but also plays a pivotal role in thwarting fraudulent activities. Furthermore, it meticulously evaluates facial structures for accurate face identification.

Utilizing facial recognition technology, the only requirement for this process is a live selfie or a brief video from the customer. Subsequently, our no-code rule engine meticulously analyzes and validates the customer’s authenticity and presence.

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Credit Card

Real time IDs verification

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Matching face on ID with face in video

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Unlimited video storage and instant retrieval

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Geo-location capture and IP check

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Seamless and interactive UI for live video interaction

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End-to-end encryption for video, channel, and communication

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Video forensics for pre-recorded risk and spoof detection

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Digital Forgery check on the displayed ID proof

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Customer identity verification through DL & Passport

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Time stamp and audit trail for every application and video interaction


Easy to Use

The API is optimized for the best user experience across multiple channels. It is effortless and straight forward leading to up to 50% reduction in drop-offs

Stops Fraudsters

With exceptional precision, our API will detect fraudsters who try to forge identities with fake videos, photos, etc. Thus ensuring full compliance & safety

Real-time Verification

The data is processed and verified within a matter of seconds, saving you up to 70% of back-office overheads

Reliable Verification

Our fool-proof AI and no-code rule engine evaluates and verifies the customer’s credibility and takes care of all your compliance requirements

Plug and play solution

A plug and play solution that enables swift Go-To-Market, an exponential increase in the Scale of Operations


How does the Liveness Check API function?

Once the live video of the customer is obtained, Our no-code rule engine evaluates the facial structure with previous data. Once the face identification and verification are complete, the customer is informed, and the process can be continued.

What are its requirements to work?

The customer only needs to provide a live video of himself for this API to work. Then, our no-code rule engine evaluates the retrieved data with the previous information provided.

How long does the verification process take?

Liveness Check takes only a few seconds with the Liveness Check API.

What types of data can be verified using the Liveness Check API?

Liveness Check API ensures if a customer is genuine and live during the verification process. The data verified include the customer’s video and the rule engine’s conclusive remarks.

Will the user's data be safe during the Liveness Check process?

This API does not store the information it retrieves. It merely evaluates and verifies the provided data. Once the process is complete, the data is eliminated. The client’s data is safe, and privacy is respected.